Right To Life For The Innocents

Right To LifeRight To Life For The Innocents

by Jane C. Myers

I have become more discouraged with the things going on in our country. People have lost their perspective. As an individual I tried with other people and groups to work against the abortion laws, etc. And I feel things have taken a huge step backwards. So many people have worked actively, and behind the scenes, to protect our most innocent people and suddenly the laws have been reversed. The “choice”for birth has been given to the mother but not to the innocent baby.

What does the Bible say? Ps. 106:38 “They shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan, and the land was desecrated by their blood.39 They defiled themselves by what they did; by their deeds they prostituted themselves.” The”idols of Canaan” are the god of “convenience” or “money”or “irresponsibility”. People in our country seem to be more into wanting to have “things,” are all upset with animal cruelty, keeping up with others with their homes and clothes, whether or not they can afford them, than the life of a child.

We of all people should defend the rights of the innocent. We mourn when a baby dies shortly after it is born or a young child is taken and killed. That is death of innocents. Well, so too is the death of a child before it has left the womb. The child, at whatever state of growth, is still a child. And as a child, he/she has all the rights of any individual that happens to be outside the womb.

So many children are born so very small and survive through the skills of doctors that have learned so much how to save smaller and smaller babies. And machines are being improved so much to keep the small ones alive. The womb is the best place for the baby to grow, but if something happens and the baby is born early there are so many things available to nurture and help the innocent ones to grow that there is no excuse for killing the baby. Murder is murder no matter what age of the child.

I am trying to have hope that people in this great country will finally realize the rights of all children. After all, the mother doesn’t have to raise the child- there is always adoption for people who so want to have children but can’t. Adoption is such a special thing for couples who want but can’t have children. They want to experience the joys of bringing up a little one. These people will take care of the babies and give them a chance to live life.

I am so glad that we have more elected officials that are pro-life, but we also need to pray and speak out when we can.

I believe that God hurts with each child that is killed- and there have been so so many now. How long do we think God will put up with this? How long will He allow His creations that cannot speak for themselves be destroyed. God is a God of Love but He is also a God of Justice.

“Jesus loves the little children”

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