The Hands of Jesus

Hands of JesusThe Hands of Jesus

by Jane C. Myers

So much has been written about His Hands. But I wanted to add a bit.

Sometimes I see “pictures”, perhaps visions, here and gone but the picture stays in my mind. Last week as we were practicing for praise and worship, I saw a Hand, God’s Hand reaching out to me to take hold of. He was showing me that He is always ready to take our hand when we are needing Him, when we feel overwhelmed or just need extra love. The Hands of Jesus are always reaching out to us.

He wants to walk with us down the pathway He has chosen for us. He offers to comfort us, to be with us, to give us rest as we take His yoke with Him which is so much easier when we rest in Him. I am an emotional person but when I think and remember His Hands are there, it comforts me.

Many make reference of Peter when he jumped out of the boat and was walking on water and then seeing circumstances he begins to sink (where were the other disciples-still in the boat!) But Jesus was there to hold Him up with His Hand. He saw Peter’s struggle to hold his head up and keep his faith continuing and then his fall and his cry for Jesus. But during that whole time, the hands of Jesus never let go of Peter.

Those precious Hands also held little children and caressed them. Hands show love so well. He was/is not afraid to touch to show His love. He is always wanting to touch and lift up people that others found repulsive, like the lepers,or the poor or unsightly, like the blind, the crippled, or the unrighteous. Or He gave hugs or touched, just to show love for His followers.

Those precious Hands also suffered cruel punishment for you and me on the Cross. I am an Occupational Therapy Assistant and I really think hands are amazing as I learn more about them. Your hands can feel pain so much more because of the lack of body protection around them, especially when the nails pierced those Hands. Although His heart was broken because of us, for us, the Hands of Jesus felt so much of the physical pain.

And from His Hands as well as ours, since we ARE His Hands and feet, touch is so important for others, to show caring as He does, to bring love to those who feel unloved.

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