The Light In Our Darkness

The Light In Our DarknessThe Light In Our Darkness

Hi, This this is Laura Esther. My book is entitled “The Light In Our Darkness”

This is a book of hope for those in the midst of despair or darkness in their lives, that Jesus is there, the light for our path.  Laura goes through her life story, in the first part of the book, with its struggles and heartaches as well as the victories.  She faces the problems with honesty as she seeks God and follows Him and comes to the knowledge of the truth.  In the second part of the book she gives her insights on different aspects she has had to deal with in her life (single parenting, divorce, depression, forgiveness, etc.).  With each subject, she gives Biblical references as she encourages others through what she has learned.

This book is for the believer to come to greater understanding or for the non-believer to see how God works and loves us in the midst of our lives.


  1. Great book with lots of insights. Good read….Enjoyed.

  2. Really Like This Book.

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