The Tea Party Movement

American FlagThe Tea Party Movement

by Jane C. Myers

The Tea Party movement, as so many people want to call it, is ordinary citizens wanting America to return to the values that it was founded on.The name, “Tea Party” was used to remember  the Boston Tea Party- no taxation without representation, freedom, smaller government, ordinary people working for an honest wage. Do you guys remember your history?  And remember when the Liberals thought we were nothing, we weren’t worth the time of day? Well, now they say we are some evil force? Good grief-anything to turn our country into a government run , government controlled country. That’s not what our forefathers wanted. The Liberals are using back room deals, etc, to achieve their purposes.

When things were said that should not have been by very few, they were individual people that had no say in the majority of the people. Most people in the various groups across the country are law-abiding, peaceful people who only want their country back. And the leaders, or Congressmen, have condemned the outbursts of the few. These people from the Tea Party only want honest, smaller government. We do not want violence. It is the RIGHT of the people for peaceful assembly.

The Tea Party will not take the bait of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson  and others that want to condemn us.We are individuals, united for a cause to bring back the foundational principles upon which our country was founded. We want our country strong again with it’s smaller government and back to religious and moral principles based on the Constitution.”Taxed Enough Already” believes in our rights as stated in our Constitution.Every person has the right to follow their dream Every person is given the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” by our Creator.

This movement has nothing to do with race. Everyone is welcomed at the rallies, be they white, Hispanic, black, Asian, etc.; we only want our country back.  No amount of ‘race baiting” is going to change that.          

So, make your fuss- God sees.

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